Why I’m Called

Destiny and calling week was insanely awesome. Prophetic words were confirming my prayers and dreams and inspiring hope for the future. We are to hold onto these promises; God has such great plans for each one of us. A few months ago I got a sneak peek of mine and with a reservoir full of resources (gifts, talents, dreams, experience, favor) I’ve made my next step.

So, how did I decide?

I explored various job and ministry opportunities these past few months in search of where God was directing me – post DTS. These options included: returning to college, a secondary YWAM school, a personal assistant role with a very respectable (and influential) woman in Scotland, and working in good old Manheim. Staffing a DTS remains the most logical, but was probably the least preferred choice for quite some time. So what’s changed? Why do I feel so strongly about this particular route?

I recognize I am a leader who consistently operates in compassion and exhortation. I recognize I possess an innate ability to love people, unconditionally, regardless of any variable. I recognize that kind of love (HIS NAME IS JESUS) for people goes so far that I refuse to allow them to remain comfortable, and I won’t apologize for it. FATHER GOD loves them too much to leave them where they are! He LOVES when His kids walk FULLY in the identity available to them- the freedom that is available to them in Jesus! Why? Because it’s in THAT place of identity and intimacy we discover the real character of Father God. We gain HIS perspective on ourselves, our brothers and sisters, and our world. Golly I’m getting side tracked— SORRY —  I recognize that I am eager to learn how I can better serve people and I truly believe discipling is a part of my life ministry – wherever I go. I say that confidently, not because I know everything about mentoring (or ever will), but because I derive my energy and stamina from seeing others thrive. It is in my BONES to learn, learn, learn and share, share, share to grow, grow, grow and NEVER grow comfortable. MY spirit thrives on adventure, challenges and passion.

So why DTS staff?

It is an opportunity to walk alongside new trainees; encouraging, supporting and challenging them throughout this transformational process. DTS is metamorphic. I know because I experienced it and I want to lead (and learn to lead) others into the freedom I’ve found in Christ. And in the very literal sense, I will gain great leadership development and exposure. (I mean, I will be responsible for leading/co-leading teams to international locations for a 10 week outreach each school. Talk about development!).

Why Scotland?

YWAM Stanely House is the community that nurtured the dramatic change in my relationship with Jesus and taught me to wholeheartedly pursue all God has for me. (I completed my DTS at this base). Yes, they are my family; of course I want to go back! BUT it just so happens that an internship is being offered for all new staff at Stanely House:

“The PROPEL INTERNSHIP will help build a foundation for me to be launched into my calling. It will provide my with the community, discipleship, education and hands-on training for me to become a strong, healthy and influential leader.” What I consider invaluable is the mentorship available through this internship while staffing, especially this being my first run through. I am grateful I will have the right input so I can better give to the trainees. 

If this is what I’m passionate about AND see a future in, why wouldn’t I pursue it?


The following questions stimulated discovery of my life vision and passions. They are only meant to give you further background. 

These answers are more than mere aspirations or ideals that one day I hope to accomplish. For me, these answers are declarations of the plans that He has for me. They resonate in my spirit and push me to keep on! 

If you had unlimited time and resources what would you do?

I would travel to every single nation (anywhere from 3-24 month period) and develop relationships within a community. I would want to help them recognize their identity in Christ, and help launch them into who God has called them to be. I would attempt to love on them as God does, whether that be practical help, ministry help, financial help, etc. I believe accountability is essential; when my time with them is finished, whether I physically return or simply return a phone call, I want to remain a supporter and to continually offer whatever I am able to them and their growth.

What values do you want to live by?

I want to live a life that values fellowship, accountability, growth in Christ, learning, and sharing with others what I’ve learned to hopefully equip them. I really just want to be known for loving on people, and investing in them. There is no such thing as a bad investment in the body of Christ.

Compare the previous two questions and find overlapping areas.

The lifestyle I want to live could not sustain itself without my personal dedication to these values. They would HAVE to be well-integrated into my heart and in return, physically manifest in my lifestyle.

What is the most fulfilling thing you have done in your life? What made it fulfilling?

The most rewarding experience was my Discipleship Training School (DTS). I found it fulfilling because I experienced immense and accelerated growth in my walk with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. DTS helped me realize my identity in Jesus; who I truly am and how I was created. My relationship with God has been completely redefined because of Youth With A Mission (YWAM). He desires such an intimate relationship with His kids that I have become passionate in bringing others into the freedom that I’ve found in Christ Jesus. I think being in a community where connection, growth and celebrations are shared is SUCH a gift because it breeds flourishing.


So, there’s me.