Join my team!

There are 3 ways to partner with me.

1. Financially: Levels of Support

I know this is a non-aesthetically pleasing graph, but it does what I need it to: demonstrate the different levels of giving I’m looking for, in order to return to Scotland and establish a support team.

LOGBroken down it doesn’t seem as daunting. But as you can see I need a wide range of partners. Overall, smaller and consistent support is more beneficial than larger sums received inconsistently. 

  • If you are in school or tight on money, $25 dollars a month is a HUGE contribution to the team. Don’t underestimate it or the blessing it will bring you!
  • If you’re a young single or couple, what better way to establish healthy financial habits than to find a cause worthy of supporting!
  • If you’re a parent of a family and established financially, I strongly urge you to consider supporting. I believe that your willingness to partner with God in His commission will catalyze your reaping of the financial benefits for you and your family.

*All financial gifts are tax deduxtible*

    2. Spiritually: Prayer Partners

    Prayer partners play an extremely significant role in this mission of expanding the Kingdom of God in the world. If you aren’t at a place to support financially right now please do NOT exclude yourself from becoming a part of my team! I need you! And I would be honored to know how to best pray for you too!

    3. Practically: Referrals

    Has anyone come to mind in reading this whom you think would be interested in partnering with me? Or know is looking for a Christian missionary to sponsor? Share my blog: or my email: with them!

    Share, share, share!


    1. Once you’ve read through the ways of partnering with me (in prayer or in finances), prayerfully consider YOUR role on my team.
    2. Next, share with me what you’ve decided! Send me a message with your name, email and your desired role within the team. *You need to reach out and register with me so you can receive your partner packet*
    3. If you are choosing to be a financial partner, choose which mode of payment listed above is preferred. You will need to register with YWAM Tyler in order to receive a tax receipt. Ready to become a financial partner? Click here!
    4. Once you’ve successfully signed up with me, (and YWAM Tyler if applicable) KEEP AN EYE OUT! You’ll be receiving your Partner Packet via mail.
    5. Stay up to date with me and my happenings by signing up for updates from my blog, monthly happenings and Facebook!

    I desire to cultivate a relationship with all  members of my team, so please DO NOT hesitate to e-mail me with what God is doing in your life and how I can be specifically praying for you. 

    Thank you guys so much for your support! I recognize I can’t do what God is calling me to do without you!