Thank you for wanting to partner with me in furthering the Kingdom!

All gifts are tax deductible.

» YWAM Tyler (a base located in Texas, USA) processes donations for YWAM missionaries, enabling them to offer a tax receipt to their donors. «

There are a few different ways to financially support me and my mission:

The most fastest and most convenient way is registering online as a supporter.

  • Online (Credit/Debit card)
    • You can give one-time or recurring gifts online. The frequency of the recurring gifts can be monthly, quarterly, or annually.
    • Check below to see FAQ’s

Here is my unique link that you may use to give to my ministry: DONATE HERE

    • There is also the option to mail physical checks to YWAM Tyler, but in order to receive a tax-receipt there are specific procedures that must be taken.
    • If this is your preferred method of payment, contact me here for instructions.
  • AWD (Automatic Withdrawal) from a bank account *monthly basis*
    • If you would like to donate by using this option please contact

Welcome to the team! ♥


FAQ’s regarding ONLINE donations through YWAM Tyler.

Q: How is the donation processed?
A: PayPal is the processor for this service.  For recurring gifts, the donor will need to setup an account with PayPal as part of the process.  This will allow the donor to make future changes to the recurring gift (change the amount, discontinue the recurring gift, etc.)  For one-time gifts, the donor does not need to setup an account with PayPal.  A link is provided on the PayPal site to process the donation without an account

Q: I am a donor who already gives recurring gifts through a credit card charge or automatic withdrawal.  Will any of that process change?                                                    A: No, the other established process will continue as it has been.  If donors would prefer to give through the online method, the donor may contact our offices to discontinue monthly charges or automatic withdrawals and then use the unique link to setup a new recurring donation.

Q: Is there a charge for this service?
A: The processing company (PayPal) will assess a percentage charge for the transaction and this will be deducted from the donation amount before distributing it to the preferred fund.  However, our web site does include an option for the donor to give an additional small percentage to help cover processing fees.  (This is a checkbox under the amount field.)  Please note that the normal processing service fees that YWAM Tyler charges are still in effect.

Q: How will the donor receive their tax-deductible receipt?
A: The donor will receive a transaction receipt from PayPal as record that the transaction took place.  A paper receipt will also be mailed within 1-2 weeks showing the tax-deductible amount along with any other donations made by the donor using traditional methods.

Q: Wouldn’t it be easier to allow donors to enter a fund name in a field and give to a fund that way?
A: Not all have an account with our offices.  We use this method to minimize confusion and only receive donations for those funds that do have accounts with us.  This helps to save time and keep costs low.

FAQ’s & answers taken from YWAM TYLER