Letters from Abba · Pour it out

||A lover’s letter to His Bride ||

Everyday, I sit before you. My eyes, saturated in grace and love, paint My perspective over your life. Everyday, I eagerly await your response to Me; knowing one touch would bring you into My perfect peace. || In the simple act of being available to you, I anticipate that moment where you receive My invitation.… Continue reading ||A lover’s letter to His Bride ||

Next Steps · Opportunity

Reckless Pursuit : Exhibit A

The past few weeks I’ve learned what it really means to push into God. I’ve been asking if specific barriers were God’s re-direction or a spiritual attack. Many of you know I was planning on heading to Scotland in September. But after sitting on different possibilities, praying and fasting, and seeking council, I have made… Continue reading Reckless Pursuit : Exhibit A