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I am a small town girl from Lancaster Pennsylvania, USA, who turned to Jesus after a series of events that left me questioning who God was and who He created me to be. For a long time I strived for things such as financial, academic and business success and never contemplated a different way to live. I didn’t want to! I loved the validation and favor I found in the academic world! Yet, somehow I knew there was something more for me and my life. What is it? How do I figure it out? Reluctantly, I put a very necessary hold on a college degree and a promising future to prioritize getting to know God a little more.

Yes, a Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Discipleship Training School (DTS) did change my life in the most dramatic way possible. My relationship with Father God has completely redefined itself. He desires such an intimate connection with His kids. I always like to say “it’s ruined me for the ordinary life”; the life that I thought would best satisfy ME. I knew best! Did I though? See, DTS helped me realize my identity in Jesus; who I truly am and how I was created: my personality traits, my passions; they aren’t a fluke of nature. I realized my Creator knows my heart better than I do and what can TRULY satisfy this heart of mine. Here’s a link to my post about what God did in my life on DTS.

*DISCLAIMER* Now let me state that there is no condemnation in pursuing a degree or even a future which “eliminates” anything that spells R-I-S-K. However, me personally having the knowledge I have now of the undeniable love of Father God and the adventure He wants to take with me, my soul would never be satisfied living the life I had previously dreamt for myself.

So basically that’s what this blog is all about: my walk with Jesus, what He is teaching me and how I’m applying that to my everyday life. I’m a full-time missionary (which is still really odd to label myself as such) and live in Scotland @ YWAM Stanely House. I am a DTS staff member, a role in which I walk alongside trainees (students) in this transformational process. Mentoring, encouraging and challenging the trainees, as well as to remind them who they are in Christ Jesus, is all a part of this rewarding role. DTS transformed my life and I want to be a part of others’ journeys into a deeper knowledge and relationship with God.

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Then I heard the Lord asking,

“Whom should I send as a messenger to this people?

Who will go for us?”

I said, “Here I am.

Send me.”