Letters from Abba · Loving Lessons

Thanksgiving: More than just a holiday

I wished Abba a Happy Thanksgiving this morning, and inquired about His participation in it… This is His answer.

I am the very nature of Thanksgiving, as it the key into entering into My presence. With this holiday, many do become aware of My presence in their lives because they partake in the seasons’ mandate of being thankful.
Whether My kids are aware of it or not, they must identify the Gift I’ve already given them in order to experience the fullness of Me.
I demonstrated My own love for you by dying for you while you were still sinners.
You want to know something?
My love is scandalous.
It matters not what you see when you look within,
It matters not what labels have been placed over you.
I still chose you, for who you are at your very worst.
There’s absolutely nothing that can tire Me of chasing after you.
I am jealous for your heart and I fight for you.
My heart breaks for My children who don’t realize that they do indeed have faith
But rather in the father of lies instead of the Voice of Truth.
Slander, and hatred and condemnation he will lay upon people
Because many are unaware of the heavenly residency that it rightfully theirs.
Satan works to rid My kids of their inheritance because he lost his.
Your brothers and sisters who are outside of Christ are living the life they deem normal.
Isn’t this what we were made to do? They ask Me.
I tell them, “You were made to LIVE a life ABUNDANT. Not to nearly survive through this life.”
“I made you to experience the fullness of life,” I tell them.
And they consider it too good to be true, or too selfish, or too unrealistic.
For all of My kiddos who KNOW who they are in Christ Jesus,
Be intentional in demonstrating My love for humanity.
I love mankind with a love this world knows not. Be My love in the world.
My perfect love defends one another;
Believes the best about one another.

This is includes Me too.
Believe the best about Me, too.
Brag about Me a little more; say, “Look what my God can do! He can do this!”
Or the big one, “He will do this.”
And watch Me come through for you, My love.
Thanksgiving breeds endurance to remain steadfast in your faith of all I declared I would do.

Regardless of whether we are a bit more grateful for today than we are all of the other days a year, the Lord still remains steady on His Throne, extending grace through Jesus to remain in relationship with us.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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