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Reckless Pursuit : Exhibit A

The past few weeks I’ve learned what it really means to push into God. I’ve been asking if specific barriers were God’s re-direction or a spiritual attack. Many of you know I was planning on heading to Scotland in September. But after sitting on different possibilities, praying and fasting, and seeking council, I have made my decision. I will return to Scotland in January 2018, 4 months later than originally planned.

 Why the change? I thought you were getting support?

Yes, I am! And, it’s important to note that I am still returning to YWAM Stanely House, as I will need to continue to raise support.  However, God has extended an invitation to me to partner with Him and His people here in Lancaster in calling forth revival and fighting for what He is doing NOW. I have sensed so much revival in this county since being home; it’s almost as if I have tapped into what God is doing for this place in this season. Before, I merely noticed it… But after being [almost] painfully obedient to the promptings of Holy Spirit these past weeks, I’ve discovered He HAS a role for me in it! What’s even crazierI’m excited about being home and doing ministry because God’s given me HIS heart for this place!

As briefly mentioned earlier, another aspect of what I feel I’m called to in this season is to intercede and stand against the enemy and what he is attempting to do in Manheim/Lancaster. He is getting desperate because he is aware of the current rapid expansion of God’s kingdom here. Friends, we as believers of Jesus, have the right (dare I say command?) to come against Satan.

Luke 10:19 reads, “Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over ALL the power of the enemy, and NOTHING will injure you” (emphasis mine).

What’s even more mind boggling is that Jesus has GIVEN US THE VICTORY! We literally just have to be willing to stand against Satan and say NO.

(Ephesians 6:11) (James 4:11)

Father God’s heart breaks when His kids don’t truly understand the authority that accompanies sonship or daughtership in Him. I believe God is raising up people in this generation who are steadfast in their identity AND authority in Jesus to resist the enemy and partner with God in denouncing Satan and his schemes.

Right now, in this season, I feel God gently convicting me to do what I do overseas in my hometown – and to go all in for the few months I’ll be here.  

What will I be doing here?

I need to ask you guys to pray with me on this because I don’t know what I’m to do on a daily basis here but I am looking for employment. But it would only be for 4 months. I’m just not sure which way to look. I want to take advantage of an opportunity here, but I’m don’t know which way I’m being directed yet. So please pray with me for the opening of doors and opportunities for employment and/or ministry!

Why now? Why not later?

Why I feel as though it is important for me to be here NOW is that if I returned to Lancaster after two years abroad, I know it wouldn’t be in the same spiritual place as it is right now… and where it is right now, my God-given and developed gifts could contribute to His plans. That is why this is a NOW invitation. Does that make sense?

 Will I still be DTS staff? What will I be doing when I go back?

After talking with my base leader, he proposed the idea of returning with other members of staff in January rather than waiting until next fall (something I had been considering). I have peace about the timing. However, since I’ll be arriving mid-DTS, I will not start out as DTS staff, rather “base staff” and transition into life as a missionary in Scotland at a more gradual rate. However I won’t be sitting around twiddling me thumbs! There are many things to do in the off season: sowing into the local community of Paisley and developing stronger connections with the local churches, house projects, preparing for the next DTS (as there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work) and things of the sort. I will be DTS staff on the next school, which will be October 2018. 

♦ ♦ ♦

I wanted this to share with you guys and show that God is definitely holding me accountable to what I claim: to recklessly pursue HIM and HIS ways. This isn’t the way I would’ve chosen. It doesn’t make logical sense. In a lot of ways, I’ve learned what it means to die to self in this season. But I know it was His prompting to partake in what He is doing here, because consequently forcing me to rely on Him for direction, support, opportunities, connections, and so many other things right now. I once heard that the goal of God isn’t to get you to a place where you’re “good without Him”. The goal of God is to promote you to a place where you are 100% dependent on HIM.

So…I guess these are growing pains?

Well, there’s the update friends. I hope you seek to understand where I’m coming from and continue to pray with/for me in this next season.

Thank you all so much for supporting me in this crazy journey of reckless pursuit to Jesus.

Love to you all! ♥


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