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How YOU enable the Kingdom!

»For a fast read – scroll down until you see the header: WHAT DO I NEED«

This is going to be a meaty post so if you want the quick facts, bounce down to WHAT DO I NEED. For those who have a few minutes, there is a TON of good stuff in here and probably answers a lot of questions you didn’t know you were asking, so I say, read on!

What’s my role in YWAM?

In my recent post, “What’s next for me ” I describe what I’ll be doing at YWAM Stanely House for the next two years. [SNEAK PEEK]: IT INCLUDES STAFFING AND BEING TRAINED IN TRAINING DISCIPLES. What does that even mean? Head on over!

Being on the mission field

I was fortunate enough to return home for a 3-4 month period this summer to transition from YWAM student to YWAM staff. But as a staff member, I have a job to do and will not be gallivanting around as I please.

DTS staff typically average 60 work hours a week. This does not include the community living aspect; although a beautiful and invaluable experience, sometimes it CAN feel like you’re constantly working because work and life are interchangeable terms.

Once DTS finishes, we do enter into a quieter season, but we continue to labor and work to advance the Kingdom of God. Often time we as staff: help host or attend conferences (domestically and internationally), extend our time to local youth camps, partner with other local teams on their outreaches, plan for future DTS’s, etc. Staff often pursue deeper relationship with the local churches and work to maintain fellow staff relationships. Much needed introspection, reflection and processing is accomplished in this season as well. This is a time for us to revitalize ourselves for the next round of DTS; something necessary in order to do our job well.

“Being on the mission field, even in a Western nation like Scotland, is hard work. There is cultural stress from living abroad, relational stress from having so many people coming and going in one place, and stress from things like moving around quite a bit or living out of a suitcase for a few months on outreach. All of these things are worth it and even fun, but staff still need to have a break in order to fully function and function well.”Mary McCorkle, YWAM Stanely House

My purpose in sharing this with you is to hopefully demonstrate the validity to the following references:

“Stay there, eating and drinking whatever they give you, for the worker deserves his wages.” Luke 10:7 [NIV]

 “the Lord has commanded that those who preach the gospel should receive their living from the gospel.” – 1 Corinthians 9:14 [NIV]

I would encourage you to read the passage of 1 Corinthians 9:1-19 so you can get an idea of where I, but also every missionary ever sent to the nations, is coming from (biblically) when asking for support.

I’m going to get real here for a second.

Asking people to partner with you and what God is calling you to is all fun and dandy until it takes sacrifice: sacrificing pride and chewing down humility, sacrificing your fear of man and what they might think of you, sacrificing and conquering your own insecurities ALL in OBEDIENCE to what God has called you to do. It can be a rather bitter pill to swallow… But a necessary one. It is a faith building exercise; just as when we were children we trusted our biological parents to have our best interest at heart EVEN when they approached us with bizarre and bitter concoctions for sickness; we trusted them that it was necessary to relieve our pain and discomfort. And I feel like that’s what I’m walking through right now.

Sometimes I’m completely aware of what I’m asking and how some people may perceive it. Oh and how very often I make mistakes, time and time again: I could’ve been more personal, I should’ve done that differently, etc. And you know, sometimes it is really challenging to remind myself that I am encouraged to ask for support as a called missionary, when I myself am tempted to think otherwise.

But what if I said asking for financial support is actually a Heavenly mandate?

Woah. Wait, what?

»Here’s a short and sweet Model for Funding Missionary Work to provide some biblical evidence of that statement. «

I do have to confess though; recognizing and resting in the fact that it isn’t my responsibility to move people’s hearts, but God’s, is relieving. Knowing that I am responsible for praying, preparing, planning and asking, and Abba has got the other half, does provide reassurance. Complete assurance that I can’t do this without Him. HA!  I would love to be able to solely rely on my business training, skillset and experience but it can only take me so far. Man, this process is so incredible. Not because it is easy but because God is teaching me SO MUCH.

»Loren Cunningham on raising supportWhy do YWAMers have to raise support? Hear from our founder Loren Cunningham.

»Right Perspective Supporting Missions *This article requires an open heart AND mind… This link is meant to challenge and shape a biblically sound perspective on supporting missionaries.

What do I need?

Since I will be considered a full-time missionary I will have monthly expenses and am responsible for ensuring those funds. However, this differs from common fundraisers. Instead of one large bulk fee up front, I am encouraged to raise a monthly team of supporters who will support me in prayer and/or finances. (Although I would prefer monthly partners, ANY financial contribution is greatly appreciated. Maybe your budget only allows one or two contributions per year. That is VERY welcome!)


My monthly expenses are totaling around $3000/month or about £2350/month.

»I do have a complete breakdown of my budget which is available upon request «

How can you get involved?

Financially: Levels of Support

I know this is a non-aesthetically pleasing graph, but it does what I need it to: demonstrate the different levels of giving I’m looking for, in order to return to Scotland and establish a support team.

LOGBroken down it doesn’t seem as daunting. But as you can see I need a wide range of partners. Overall, smaller and consistent support is more beneficial than larger sums received inconsistently. 

  • If you are in school or tight on money, $25 dollars a month is a HUGE contribution to the team. Don’t underestimate it or the blessing it will bring you!
  • If you’re a young single or couple, what better way to establish healthy financial habits than to find a cause worthy of supporting!
  • If you’re a parent of a family and established financially, I strongly urge you to consider supporting. I believe that your willingness to partner with God in His commission will catalyze your reaping of the financial benefits for you and your family.

Spiritually: Prayer Partners

Prayer partners play an extremely significant role in this mission of expanding the Kingdom of God in the world. If you aren’t at a place to support financially right now please do NOT exclude yourself from becoming a part of my team! I need you! And I would be honored to know how to best pray for you too!

Practically: Referrals

Has anyone come to mind in reading this whom you think would be interested in partnering with me? Or know is looking for a Christian missionary to sponsor? Share my blog: or my email: with them!

Share, share, share!

Join my team!

If you’re interested in becoming a part of my team, message me here. There I can get your name, email and a short message from you. Please share with me in how you are able/willing to contribute to the team (prayer, finances, practically). Also, please tell me how you came across my blog, how you know me, or how God has impacted your heart for the nations!

Donating now is easier than ever – click here to be redirected to my donate page.

My hope for my team is to cultivate relationships with my supporters; to partner with you throughout every step of this journey. I want to share with you how you’re influencing me and the ministry I am doing! You are more than just a number. I recognize I cannot do what God has called me to do without YOU. You better believe I want you alongside me in this crazy adventure. ♥

[LOCAL]: I AM currently looking for people to sit down with me to chat and see how YOU can be a part my mission. If you are in the Lancaster area and want to meet with me and talk about things further – shoot me a message! I would love to meet with you, even if you are unable to financially contribute at this time.

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