Next Steps

What’s next for me?

I’m returning to Scotland!

I’m headed back to YWAM Scotland in September! I am going back to staff at Stanely House and I’ve agreed to a 2 year commitment! So what that looks like is instead of being a trainee and being at the receiving end, I am going to be walking alongside the trainees, encouraging, supporting and challenging them throughout their DTS! Stanely House is a transformational place. I know, because I experienced it. I want to lead others into the freedom I’ve found in Christ and that Stanely helped me to discover.

What is also VERY exciting is that since I am new staff I will be able to partake in what is called an “internship” within the House. To staff a DTS is to sign up for the hardest job within YWAM (so I’m told). Lucky for us new staffers, Mike and Jessi Oates have set up a program not only for staff to be supported, but also to set up a game plan to develop key gifts and strengths and get us to where we want to go! Personally, I want to develop the gifts that God has put in me specifically, leadership. I believe this is a time to nurture and grow and “put meat” on my leadership gifting. I want to learn how to use what God has given me to give Him the most glory possible!

(If you’re interested in understanding why I am choosing to go back, check out my article “You’re not going back to school?”)

What’s been happening?

It’s been over a month now that I’ve been back in good old Lancaster! I flew home at the very end of May.  Transitioning back home was a big adjustment. Many external events have prolonged what we call “processing time”, but I have adjusted, re-focused and moving forward onto what’s next!

I am currently campaigning where instead of needing to raise a bulk amount of funds, I am seeking to expand my monthly support team for myself and the ministry I’ll be doing. I will be reaching out to people, setting up appointments and asking for partners until I leave in September. Since it is such a short window of time, that is my priority this summer.

Support Raising: It hasn’t been easy…

It’s been an interesting process undergoing “internal” prep work for support raising. I’m reading a book titled, “The God Ask” and it’s absolutely incredible. There are many different yet significant aspects of support raising  I’m learning so much but I want to touch on one that’s grown me. The author suggests getting my mindset (on raising support) right and studying Scriptures to help me in how I approach things. If I don’t believe that I am permitted to ask for support and even encouraged (and dare I say commanded?) to, the people I approach will see I don’t believe in what I’m doing! He emphasizes that as the support raiser I have a lot of responsibility to do this well, but I am unable to work in the hearts of others. Instead of SOLELY relying on my preparation and skills, I am partnering with Abba so we work together! It isn’t a “man ask” or a “me ask”. It’s a God Ask. Cool huh?! Imagine you are standing in front of me and Jesus, we are both holding hands but are extending our free one out to you. THAT is what this book is teaching me. Everything is about partnership! It’s awesome. I’m excited! It definitely challenges mindsets but it is so rewarding to gain God’s perspective on it.

Know someone who could benefit from a relevant, biblical and fresh approach to support raising for full-time missionaries? Here’s the link The God Ask: Steve Shadrach

Thanks for reading! Until next time!

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