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Reckless Pursuit : Exhibit A

The past few weeks I’ve learned what it really means to push into God. I’ve been asking if specific barriers were God’s re-direction or a spiritual attack. Many of you know I was planning on heading to Scotland in September. But after sitting on different possibilities, praying and fasting, and seeking council, I have made… Continue reading Reckless Pursuit : Exhibit A


DTS: I found my life when I laid it down

IT'S OFFICIAL. I'M A FULL-TIME MISSIONARY. What? How the heck did that happen? What did YWAM DO TO YOU? Why aren't you going back to school? Are you sure? These are all good questions! Many of my friends and family who care DEEPLY pose these questions and how could I blame them? The radical shift… Continue reading DTS: I found my life when I laid it down